Tampons and Pads should be as accessible as toilet paper in bathrooms. Period.


The TamPal Difference

TamPal is a dispenser that can vend tampons using a school ID and can easily be monitored by those that operate it to know when its running empty, if its jammed, and can be setup to auto reorder – making accessing period products seamless.











TamPal vends using your student ID barcodes. No barcode, no problem. We can generate barcode stickers for your students to place on their student IDs or other easily accessible object. 

The only thing worse than not having a period product on you when you need it, is expecting one to be there when its not. Our tracking system ensures that your TamPal always has product.


TamPal can be setup to track the usage rate and auto reorder. 


TamPal's vision is to bring solutions to life that ease everyday burdens and advance human progress. We are focused on making period products stigma free and accessible to all by implementing technology driven solutions. Through our work, we will make period products as ubiquitous as toilet paper in bathrooms.

While we are starting by creating tampon dispensers for schools that are easy to vend a product using a student ID and make stocking and ordering streamlined for the dispenser operator our vision does not stop there.

TamPal was conceived out of our founder’s own frustrations when it came to accessing period products on the go. In public restrooms when she would turn to use a tampon or pad dispenser she would find them broken, empty, requiring a quarter to vend, or simply nonexistent. She thought there must already be a better product on the market. As she researched she found a complete lack of advancement in these dispensers but an increasing need for a solution in this space. 


Five states in the U.S. have passed laws requiring middle and high schools to provide period products to students.

Eleven more states have bills undergoing legislation.

Ireland passed a law in 2020 requiring free products to be provided for all that need them.

New Zealand passed a law in 2021 requiring all schools to provide students with period products.

Yet pad and tampon dispensers are stuck in the 1990s making them useless to users and difficult for those who supply products. 


TamPal is here to bring period product access into the 21st century.


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